• Roger Bahari


As the academic year reaches its frantic conclusion, so we prepare to showcase our work. Students on the University of Kent BA Hons in Photography will be exhibiting as a group at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells from the 13th to the 19th of May.

UNSEEN is a group show and there will be 6 different photographers showing their individual work in the same gallery. While the work is personal and individual, there is a theme that links them, as all of the separate works explore unseen or intangible concepts, such as gendered conventions around nudity and sexuality, communication barriers and mental health issues.

My work in this show is titled Inherited Memories and is centered around a Sophie Calle-influenced investigation into my father's past, culminating in a photographic expedition to Malaysia, with the work presented in the form of installation pieces, books and prints.

The preview evening is on Thursday the 16th of May and should be a lively affair. Expect drinks, canapes, good company and art, all for free at the Trinity Theatre in the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

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